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GPG Suite macOS Sierra

Gute Neuigkeiten für alle, die auf ihrem Mac die Software GPGMail in Verbindung mit der Mail.app einsetzen. Diese ist immerhin in einer Beta nun auch wieder kompatibel zur aktuellsten Version aus dem Hause mac OS - nämlich Version 10.12. Sierra

We are happy to announce that after a painfully long waiting time, extensive reverse engineering and re-writing of major parts of our codebase, we can finally share the second beta of GPGMail for macOS Sierra with you.
The first beta was released to a number of select users and we have since fixed the most severe bugs that were reported. Among them, a bug in Apple's Mail framework which led to invalid signatures under certain circumstances.
As with every beta we don't recommend using it in a production environment just yet, since bugs and crashes may occur. To better understand when and where they occur, we have also added optional crash reporting to GPGMail.
Please report any new bugs you find via System Preferences > GPGPreferences > Send Report.

Funktioniert nach ein paar verschlüsselten Mails im Update zu 10.11. hier absolut wunderbar. Keep up the good work.