I tried to upgrade to the freshly announced Ghost 0.7.0, "the biggest major update in 2015" - but I ended up with a database error after the migration/update is complete. My ghost is using sqlite on an uberspace account. So far, so bad.

This is the error I get:

Migrations: Database upgrade required from version 003 to 004
Migrations: Creating database backup
Migrations: Database backup written to: /thafaker-2015-09-09.json
Migrations: Populating default settings
Migrations: Complete
Migrations: Updating fixtures
Migrations: Upgrading fixtures to 004
Migrations: Update isPrivate setting
Migrations: Update password setting
Migrations: Update ghost-admin client fixture

ERROR: SQLITE_ERROR: too many SQL variables

Error: SQLITE_ERROR: too many SQL variables

This is exactly the same problem the user is getting here. But there is also no solution.
Sadly, I don't know how to post to the ghost-forum, so I just linked the article.

When I try to check my database with sqlite command line, everything is okay, so there should be another problem.